Project Karma was established in 2015 and registered with the Australian Charity and Not-for- profits Commission (ACNC) on 8 March 2016. Project Karma’s focus is to combat child sex exploitation. Project Karma is based in Melbourne, Australia but works to combat child sex exploitation both within Australia and in key regions of South East (SE) Asia where the majority of these crimes occur. In collaboration with Australian and SE Asian partners and networks Project Karma aims to:
  • Develop and implement strategic action plans to combat these issues
  • Bring legal actions against sexual abusers of children
  • Rescue and rehabilitate child victims and potential victims of these crimes
  • Create and deliver awareness and education programs at all levels in SE Asia, Australia and beyond about sexual abuse and exploitation of children
  •  Lobby Government for recognition and action to address key causes surrounding these crimes

Our Vision

 A world where children live free from the threat of sexual exploitation

Our Mission

To fight child sexual exploitation – whenever, by whoever and wherever it occurs

Our Goals

Project Karma shall focus its work where it has the largest impact, and the biggest challenges exist, which are in specific regions in South East Asia. The only effective way to fight Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse is to proactively and reactively target all aspects of the “industry” that child sexual exploitation has become.

1)     In the local communities where child sexual abuse occurs:

a.      Raise awareness through local community-based training.

b.      Train communities how to deal with suspicions & offences.

c.      Build links between communities and local law enforcement.

d.      Gather support from local governments and businesses.

e.      Encourage communities to confront child sexual abuse.

2)     In locations where child sexual abuse is prevalent:

a.      Partner with local law enforcement.

b.      Train them on the most effective investigation methods.

c.      Provide best practice advice to improve:

          i.     The process for rescuing abused children;

          ii.     The facilities for temporary accommodation and assessment.

         iii.     The counselling, psychological therapy & other support services


          iv.      The legal process/legislation for sexually abused children.


3)     In the predominantly rich countries where transnational sexual child abusers come from:

a.      Work with governments to limit rights for child sex offenders incl:

          i.     Establishing a child sexual offenders register,

          ii.     Restricting where offenders can live and work,

          iii.     Banning overseas travel;

          iv.     Reporting and monitoring obligations.

          v.      Appropriate public access to register information.

b.      Raise awareness that paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder, that cannot be cured.

c.      Consult and work with government to provide pro-active counselling to paedophiles to prevent offending.

Project Karma has also been actively involved in many investigations and convictions, including those of several high-profile paedophiles that have since been imprisoned. These efforts have saved countless children from future sexual abuse and exploitation.


Vulnerability is the key to the commission of these offences. These are poor regions of the world and people will do just about anything for money, including selling their own children. I’ve been involved in a number of investigations, I’ve been involved in raids on brothels. I’ve seen children that are chained to the floor, I’ve seen children that are stowed away in boxes on boats, I’ve seen children in positions and situations they should never be put in. It became not a decision of whether I should do this but there was no reason I shouldn’t. Whilst I’ve had to make a number of sacrifices to do this, I’ve only got to think about some of these kids I’ve seen and that all goes away.’ ~ Glen Hulley, 2015. (View the compelling FULL INTERVIEW here.)


Project Karma CEO and founder Glen Hulley spent 13 years in the Victorian Police force in both uniformed and covert capacities. His fierce dedication to the fight against child sexual exploitation and trafficking was sparked in 2013 after he was offered a child for sexual services whilst on holiday in Cambodia.   Following this experience he sold everything he owned and formed Project Karma. Glen has since worked with other NGO’s in SE Asia, at one time overseeing 10 investigation teams, in Jakarta, Batam, Lombok, Bali, Manila, Cebu and Boracay in the Philippines, Pokhara and Kathmandu in Nepal and Goa in India. He has and continues to also consult with numerous Australian and international law enforcement and government bodies, diplomats, consuls and ambassadors in addressing these horrendous crimes.  As part of the Project Karma’s Sentinel Model Project Glen is currently working on the ground with SE Asian communities to combat these crimes building dedicated teams and facilities that are effective, sustainable and locally operated.


As part of the Project Karma’s Sentinel Model Project, Glen is working on the ground with SE Asian communities to combat these crimes by building dedicated teams and facilities that are effective, sustainable and locally operated. Learn more about our groundbreaking SENTINEL MODEL here.



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