What can be Done?

“The number of children entering the trade has grown. Efforts to combat this problem have not succeeded despite pouring money into overseas governments”[i]

The focus of Project Karma is to disrupt the Organised Crime networks that create and supply a market of children for sexual exploitation.

Other Non Government Organisations (NGO’s) avoid focusing on Organised Crime for two reasons. Firstly there is a safety risk to employees and secondly, by focusing on the users of the service – Western paedophiles travelling to Asia, NGO’s are able to generate media attention, which attracts and aids continued funding.

Project Karma commends the work of all NGO’s and is currently working with such entities, including UNICEF, to advise of a new global strategy against child sexual exploitation. However, Project Karma is prepared to take the risk and means necessary to disrupt the Criminal Organisations to ultimately change the situation.

[i] Australians the worst child sex offenders in Thailand, 2009, News.com.au, viewed 17 September 2015.