URGENT APPEAL: Bali’s Mt Agung Evacuations – Please donate to help keep the children safe!

Currently Bali is experiencing unpredictable action from the Mount Agung Volcano.  This has meant that more than 100,000 people have been displaced from their homes and are now housed in over 200 temporary – and in many cases unofficial -evacuation camps.

Project Karma is operating in the very areas where these camps are situated. We have personally visited camps, spoken to the local camp organisers and identified the supplies and equipment that are urgently needed.

At the same time Project Karma is carrying out awareness sessions in the camps themselves as tragically it is well known that the displacement of people, particularly children, provides opportunities for sexual predators to take advantage. We are working hard to stop that happening.

 We only buy provisions and equipment locally in Karangasem, so any donation goes directly to the people and communities that need it most. Please help us by making a donation.

For more information about Project Karma’s work in Bali, please visit our Facebook page. Project Karma is an Australian registered charity and all donations made through this campaign platform are tax deductible.

Project Karma’s first Awareness Seminar for evacuees has struck the balance between education and entertainment.


Help Us Help Them

Please stand against these abhorrent crimes by helping us to help them!

We bring justice and also create a deterrent to future offenders. Please donate to be the difference.