Since it started in 2016, Project Karma has relied on donations from individuals as its main source of funding, and we still rely enormously on individual donations. Any amount, however small, helps us to protect vulnerable children.

If you are interested in fundraising or volunteering your time (particularly if you are based in Melbourne, Bali or Cebu) or have a company that you believe would be able to provide pro-bono support for Project Karma’s activities, then please contact Project Karma at



We are able to keep our admin costs close to zero because all the Non-Executive Directors of Project Karma give their time for free, and we also rely on the kind support of a number of volunteers and companies that provide pro-bono support to Project Karma.



1. Corporate Sponsorship

Please visit our Sponsors page to learn how to provide much needed corporate support.



2. Donate to Project Karma

You can support Project Karma directly through one off or monthly donations. Donate by credit card via the button below or via direct deposit to our Australian or Indonesian accounts:

Credit Card:


Australian Account:

Account Name: Project Karma Limited Public Fund Account

Bank: Bendigo Bank

BSB: 633-000

Account number: 162724124


Branch: Carrum Downs


Indonesian Account: 

Account Name: Yayasan Project Karma Indonesia

Account Number: 0683385129


Branch: Canggu

For Large Donations:

Project Karma has an international currency account for larger donations in most major currencies. Details can be obtained by emailing:


3. Fundraising activities*

Hold a fundraiser activity with your friends or community groups such as run a raffle, hold cake sale or a BBQ at local community events or have a trivia night! The ideas are endless. * Contact Project Karma with any ideas you may have as fundraising activities are subject to approval.


4. Volunteer skills and services

If you have any skills or expertise that you could volunteer we would love to hear from you. These may be directly related to Project Karma activities (eg investigation, psychology, social work, law) or the other skills such as communications, publicity, design and technology, charity and non-profit experience.


5. Help raise awareness

Share information about Project Karma through amongst your down networks and friends. Project Karma has support groups in most states. Connect with the ‘Friends of Project Karma’ group in your state and find out about their fundraising and awareness activities


Contact us HERE.

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