Psychologist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross identified five stages the mind goes through when faced with overwhelming information: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

So if I start talking about a paedophile paying $25 to have sex with a child slave, a child as young as six, a child like your own, you’ll probably feel an overwhelming urge to click off this page.

If you’re still here, you’re probably getting really angry…

Now you’re thinking, “The problem’s just too big. I can’t do anything about it. What’s the point?

Shed a tear, accept it, now we can change it. Abraham Lincoln got past it, Nelson Mandela kept going, we will too.

The fact is, child trafficking, child slavery, child exploitation – whatever you want to call it – is just business for organized crime. We’re not going to address the sociopathic behaviour behind it; we accept it. Then we can turn it against them.

If the situation receives a lot of media heat, it makes it harder to do business, they lose money. If we start rescuing kids, they lose more money. Eventually they’ll figure there are easier ways to make money. Maybe they’ll sell drugs, but as long as they stop selling kids, we’ll be happy. It’s hard to be so cold about a child lying on a mattress in a brothel, waiting to be raped by a paedophile. But they are, so we have to be.

Project Karma wants to end child prostitution and slavery, we have a strategy to achieve it. By establishing and training local investigation teams we empower them to work with the police, catch and prosecute offenders, assist the provision of safe house facilities, counselling, medical care, legal advocacy and other services to child victims and their families.

We partner with police, governments, their networks and other Non Government Organizations (NGO’s). These partnerships are significant, sensitive and designed to encourage sustainability. We aim to continuously train up new investigation teams, and see each of these fully self-funded and effective within 4 years.


  1. First we need $25,000 to enable us to complete the professional partnerships in Asia.
  2. Then $300,000 to run the first project in Cebu for one year.
  3. Ultimately $2.8 million to establish these networks in four countries; Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand.

Finally, by then, we hope organized crime will rethink their business model.

How you can get on board:


Next time you post some amazing pic of yourself enjoying your freedom on Facebook:

  1. Head it as “I can go here
  2. Add #endchildslavery  #endchildprostitution
  3. Tag Project Karma Facebook page


You read the whole thing? You’re tough.