Approximately 1.2 million children are trafficked globally each year, many for the purpose of child prostitution (UNICEF figure*). Imagine if 1 in every 19 Australians were trafficked or exploited (to provide an equivalent comparison). There would be uproar - and rightly so. At Project Karma our sense of shared humanity does not stop at our own borders, and the sense of responsibility we feel toward our most vulnerable is equally unaffected by national distinctions.

The sad reality is that in our own global neighbourhood, the problem is worse than elsewhere. In South East Asia the problem is rife, and the team at Project Karma are committed to combating this exploitation and trafficking.




Project Karma's 'Sentinel Project' combats child sex exploitation and child trafficking for sex abuse. We target areas of SE Asia where the problem is prolific. Establishing and training local investigation teams, we empower them to work with the police to catch and prosecute offenders, as well as assist the provision of safe house facilities, counselling, medical care, legal advocacy and other services to child victims and their families.

We partner with police, governments, their networks and other NGOs. These partnerships are significant, sensitive and designed to encourage sustainability. We aim to continuously train up new investigation teams, and see each of these fully self-funded and effective within 4 years. 




Glen Hulley is the public face of Project Karma. The rest of the team operate covertly and include Australian and foreign law enforcement officers, investigators and operatives. 

Glen worked in security and as a body guard before joining the Victoria Police. Serving 13 years in uniformed and covert capacities, his training included the Advanced Diploma in Public Safety (Police Investigation), intelligence analysis and field investigations. He worked as a detective in drug investigations, as well as time as a tactical intelligence operative. 




Child exploitation is growing and we need to continually grow as well. We train using a replicatable model that empowers sustainability and effectiveness.

The training regime includes: 
  • Investigation methods.
  • Intelligence gathering.
  • Evidence preservation and integrity.
  • Case management.
  • Informer management. 
  • Local police, government and NGO liaison.
  • Fundraising and sustainable operation methods.

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